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Water water cold and deep, Hold me fast that I may sleep, Death with you is hardly more, Then the little deaths before. Lois Duncan

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Tuesday, February 05, 2002
Nightshade: Part 1: The Devilish Fever of the Moon

"What the hell was that thing?" Asked John, but to his and my dismay I had no idea to what that thing was. Before we go any further you are probably going to need some background information before you will understand everything you are about to read. This story is actually the account of me being bitten by a werewolf. Yes me, Sean Joshick. Ordinary kid, goes to highschool, sub-popular, but not an outcast, has a girlfriend, and a group of good friends, above average grades. If I stopped at that point everything that I've said so far would be the complete truth, but if I'm going to tell this story the right way I'm going to have to go a little further then that. Sean Joshick, ordinary human being? That’s where you would be wrong. However, up until a few weeks ago you would have been right, but not anymore. The one tiny thing wrong with me is, of all things, is that I’m a werewolf.

Yeah, you read right, I am an honest to God werewolf. Now that you know what I am, I guess your probably wondering how I became a werewolf. The answer to that question is easy enough. I was bitten by a werewolf. Not the answer you were expecting? Maybe you wanted a little background story first. Well, that’s easy enough to do. It all started when I got a camcorder for Christmas. My big dream was to become the world’s greatest film director. To get an early start on this drea, I decided I would film a short movie, staring my freinds, and directed by me. At the beginning everything was working out fine. Some friends said that they would help me film my first short. If only I knew that it would end in horror, and quite possibly the death of everyone and everything in this town.